One Hat

A unifying hat that promotes the notions – PROGRESS.  NOW.  TOGETHER.  WINNING.  CLASS. – that we all need to keep in mind as we pursue our MISSION and all challenges that come our way


To rebuild our CULTURE – a strong and unified culture based on strong, sustaining and shared values and principles.


A winning with class mindset is THE mindset that will enable us to do all that is needed to accomplish our mission.


Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is an amazing national organization that helps children, their families and treatment facilities across the country fight childhood cancer.  Since their founder, Alex, raised the first $1 Million at the age of 8, this team has continued her fight, raising over $200 million.  They have now set up an emergency fund to help the children and families through the pandemic and the added challenges it has thrown at them.  We are proud and honored to help – and every hat sold will do just that. For more information on this amazing team, please visit


Welcome to THE MISSION!  We are proud to have you and thankful for your time and generosity.  Any support from you is sincerely appreciated.

Times are tough.  Challenges just keep coming.  The news is seemingly all negative.  On top of it all, hardships and issues that SHOULD unite us are, instead, causing the divisiveness that was already at an all-time high to grow even more.  All of this has us squarely in the middle of a battle for our culture the likes of which we’ve never seen.  Though it is at record levels, this battle is not a new one.  We struggle.  We fight. However, in the end, we are left only with the same fights and struggles – over and over.  It’s time to get on a path of growth that puts this cycle behind us.  Given these circumstances, our mission is simple – to rebuild our country’s culture.  To get there, we all need to focus on making PROGRESS. NOW.  TOGETHER.  Progress on handling the pandemic.  Progress on handling racial issues and tensions.  Progress on treating each other with RESPECT.  The list goes on…..And, as we’re seeking this progress, we need to continually grow into people who take on ALL challenges with a unified WINNING with CLASS mindset.  It’s time for all of us – as individuals and communities - to look in the mirror, build ourselves from within, and do whatever it takes to get on – AND STAY ON - a true path of Progress.  Together.  Now.

While our mission is aimed at the big-picture notion of rebuilding our culture through meaningful PROGRESS, we will also be helping young people across the country fight childhood cancer. For every hat purchased, 80% of the profits will go toward Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. The remainder will go toward the building of a platform containing numerous tools that will help us all build winning with class mindsets, teams, and cultures.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

Just before her first birthday, Alexandra “Alex” Scott was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer. At the age of 4, while fighting her own fierce battle, Alex started selling lemonade to help her friends who were fighting their battles vs. cancer. Alex told her mother that she wanted to raise $1 million. When told by her mother that it was going to be hard to raise that amount by selling small cups of lemonade, Alex looked up and responded “I don’t care. I’ll do it anyway.” Just before she passed away at the age of 8, Alex was told that she had accomplished her goal – she had raised $1 million. With her looking over them from above, Alex’s parents continued the fight and today, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation has raised over $200 million to help children, their families and treatment facilities across the country fight childhood cancer.

Given their cancer treatment, children are immunocompromised, making them one of the groups most susceptible to COVID-19. The pandemic has increased the already difficult economic burden on some families. Also, it has increased the risk associated with the travel that a lot of them have to endure for treatment. All of this means these children need our help now more than ever.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation has set up an emergency fund to help the children and their families. We are proud and honored to help them build this fund.


Your new hat will serve to be a constant reminder of the notions that will help us achieve our mission. We all need to strive to WIN with CLASS at everything we do. As we pursue this way of living, we need to focus on making real sustainable PROGRESS. We need it right NOW. And, we need to do it TOGETHER.

Our pursuit starts with all of us looking in the mirror as individuals. We need to ask ourselves, what does winning with class mean to me? What actual steps can I take to ensure that I’m consistently getting closer to LIVING that mindset – in EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE? This has nothing to do with perfection – we’re all flawed. Instead, it is focused simply on making the commitment to consistent progress. Once we have that in mind, we then need to take this way of thinking to each of our TEAMS – our FAMILIES, our SCHOOLS, our CHURCHES, our ATHLETIC TEAMS .… to our COMMUNITIES in general. We need to figure out what winning with class looks like TOGETHER on those teams. Then, we ALL need to commit to doing whatever it takes to get on – AND STAY ON - that path of progress from which we simply refuse to stray. Finally, we need to do all of this NOW. There is nothing more worthy of a sense of urgency than the rebuilding of our culture and its collective character. It’s time.

Let’s commit to the process NOW that will lead us to eventually coming out of all of this as BETTER people – people who have gained a renewed RESPECT for each other, people who have rediscovered the value of living on solid and SHARED PRINCIPLES, people who have a new understanding of what it means to BE AND STAY truly UNITED no matter what adversity we face, or disagreements we may have, and people who will seek to WIN ALL future challenges TOGETHER…..with CLASS.

As the future of this website will explore, winning with class can mean somewhat different things to different people. There are common themes, however, and the opportunity to show them – to LIVE them - could not be more evident than during this crazy time we are experiencing right now. Common WINNING themes, among others, include showing GRIT through tough times without wilting, the COURAGE to stand and fight for what is RIGHT – not what is popular or driven simply by emotion, the DISCIPLINE to adhere to smart living, the SELF-CONTROL to process issues and disagreements intellectually and logically, avoiding emotional outbursts and decision-making, and the DRIVE to not just survive this, but to come out of it along with others around you as a BETTER PEOPLE, BETTER FAMILIES, BETTER TEAMS…BETTER COMMUNITIES. Common CLASS themes include showing SELFLESSNESS by making sacrifices to keep OTHERS safe, showing RESPECT FOR EVERYBODY – even those who may disagree with you, having COMPASSION and EMPATHY for those who are suffering, and having the HUMILITY to admit that we’re all playing a TEAM game, the goal of which is for ALL of us to come out of this in a better place.

So, wear your hat with pride. You’ve taken the first step. Now, go define and commit to a Winning with Class mindset for YOU. Then, figure out what it means to do the same for ALL of YOUR TEAMS and join together in taking the ACTION to get on – and stay on - that path of progress that will take you there.

Everybody is talking about the “new normal.” What if we applied these notions – PROGRESS…. TOGETHER….NOW….WINNING…CLASS…to everything we did and every interaction we had with others? Let’s take charge and make THIS the new normal. You in?

PROGRESS NOW = WINNING. Progress now TOGETHER = WINNING WITH CLASS. Let’s all get there.

Thank you,
William H. “Bill” Macbeth

Your hats – sent to you by ANOTHER amazing team – The Fulfillment House!

All shipping and handling fees associated with the purchase of your hat will go to the Fulfillment House out of Kearney, MO. This incredible group provides working opportunities for those with special needs. Job Coaches work hand in hand with the Production Associates, getting it done in a number of different areas including moving, packaging, sealing, and labeling. This is all done in a fun and well-balanced work environment. We are proud to have your hats packaged and shipped by the Fulfillment House! For more information, please visit

Bring Winning with Class to YOUR team

The Winning with Class 124 Mindset System

This unique mindset system was developed as a result of over 80 interviews of some of the top names in sports - including...

Tony Dungy
Tony Dungy
Candace Parker
Candace Parker
Steve Kerr
Steve Kerr
Jessica Mendoza
Jessica Mendoza

...and many more!!!!


When your school joins the Winning with Class MISSION you will be:

  • Raising funds for YOUR athletic department
  • Raising funds for the fight against childhood cancer
  • Providing a FREE presentation of the Winning with Class 1·2·4 Mindset System for yourstudent-athletes
  • Strengthening the CULTURE of your athletic department as winning with class mindsets grow
Participating Schools/Organizations:
  • Manhattan College
  • East Coast Conference
    • University of Bridgeport
    • Daemen College
    • University of the District of Columbia
    • D'Youville College
    • Mercy College
    • Molloy College
    • Queens College
    • Roberts Wesleyan College
    • College of Staten Island
    • St. Thomas Aquinas College
  • Operation Progress - Los Angeles: As featured on the Netflix documentary, A Week in Watts

Contact Bill Macbeth to bring his unique winning with class mindset program to your team at Virtual options available.